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Spirit Incentives Fly With Me™ Top-Shelve Incentive and Benefit Products!

Spirit Incentives marque product category Fly With Me™ offers a selection of high-performance incentive and benefit products.  Fly With Me™  airfare products restore the credibility of airfare incentive and benefit products and re-positions airfare products for usage in high-profile applications.   

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Spirit Incentives Fly With Me™ airfare products offer the real solution to the growing demand by travel savvy consumers and younger demographics for accessibly, flexibility and frequency within marketing campaigns and benefit applications.  All products within this marque category are supported by Spirit Incentives proprietary online booking facility that is comparative to popular retail and airline booking sites.

Spirit Incentives semi-custom capabilities and development skills offer clients the opportunity to utilize product labeling brands such as “Companion Airfare”, “Airfare Savings” and “Airfare Gift Card” in direct marketing, sales and revenue and embedded benefit applications.

Contact Spirit Incentives and let a National Account Executive work with you to create the exact solution for your business needs. 

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  • Our incentive solution increased account acquisition by 60% for a major financial institution

  • Our business client retention rate is 99%

  • We are accredited by the BBB

  • We support 1M unique customer transactions annually

  • We have experienced more than 21 years of successful operations

  • We have a 100% in-house fulfillment policy

  • We maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rate

  • Our senior leadership team collectively has over 100 years’ experience in the incentive and benefit industry


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