What We Do

Results-focused incentives and benefits solutions that drive prospective and existing customers to action.

Spirit Incentives delivers high value, customized, results-driven travel incentives and benefits. Having successfully serviced millions of offers since 1990, you can trust us to be your premiere marketing engagement and benefits partner, consistently helping you achieve your business goals.

Incentives – Create the customer behavior that drives your marketing program success

Spirit Incentives offers a variety of marketing incentives that increase consumer response rates – ultimately leading to decreased costs and increased revenues. We use direct consumer feedback to design specific motivators to best meet your business objectives.

Benefits – Provide an ongoing benefit that creates loyalty and brand awareness

Spirit Incentives’ innovative benefits reward your customers by delivering desirable experiences while serving as a marketing tool. Not only do these products increase the value of your  product offering, they also differentiate your business from your competitors.

We understand that launching a benefits product is a significant commitment. Spirit Incentives is the quantifiable benefits provider, offering marketing solutions that reward customer retention and build loyalty while protecting your brand.

Ninety percent of our business clients have relied on us for their incentives and benefits products since 1990. We have the established experience and the reputable credibility to expertly design and service any benefits products for your company.


Our products work. We deliver on our commitments and guarantee results by offering Risk Free Trials of our incentives and benefits. We’ll work with you to tailor a product for you. If conditions change, we’ll buy back the excess inventory. With Spirit Incentives, you get a unique blend of experience, innovation, customization, customer follow-through and attention-to-detail throughout your marketing product's lifecycle.

As a solutions partner, we listen to your needs and “right size” a program best suited to engage and drive desired consumer behavior to achieve your business objectives. We create products to:

  • Our incentive solution increased account acquisition by 60% for a major financial institution

  • Our business client retention rate is 99%

  • We are accredited by the BBB

  • We support 1M unique customer transactions annually

  • We have experienced more than 21 years of successful operations

  • We have a 100% in-house fulfillment policy

  • We maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rate

  • Our senior leadership team collectively has over 100 years’ experience in the incentive and benefit industry