Response Rates and Customer Acquisition

Matching business offerings with innovative incentive products distinguishes you from the competition.

Sales cycles begin with marketing awareness. Offers must be more than just innovative – they must move your customers to action. Marketing the right incentive with your product is often the boost needed to get your product noticed over the marketplace noise.

Spirit Incentives provides incentive products with high-perceived value, wide customer appeal, and ease of use in mind. Our custom designed incentive products range from hotel stays, cruises, airfare discounts and combination offers.

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Appeal to prospective customers by adding an enticing incentive offer to your marketing or acquisition program. Contact one of our National Account Executives to tailor a solution specifically to your business objectives. –We welcome the opportunity to design a solution for your company. Contact Spirit Incentives today.

  • Our incentive solution increased account acquisition by 60% for a major financial institution

  • Our business client retention rate is 99%

  • We are accredited by the BBB

  • We support 1M unique customer transactions annually

  • We have experienced more than 21 years of successful operations

  • We have a 100% in-house fulfillment policy

  • We maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rate

  • Our senior leadership team collectively has over 100 years’ experience in the incentive and benefit industry